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  • TOP Tik Tok
    TOP Tik Tok   1 months back

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    • FransKawaii 100
      FransKawaii 100  1 months back

      4:45 What's the music name? Well...this is a cover but still working anyway :) Pls....i really need it u.u

  • LиEk
    LиEk  3 days back

    2:29, ОАОА Дарья Каплан:0

    • THE WolF
      THE WolF  2 weeks back

      3:35 song?

      • a coreaninha
        a coreaninha  3 weeks back

        What the song

        • Troll Artist Rose
          Troll Artist Rose  3 weeks back

          Tbfh, although there was a lot of other art in this, would've been much better if I could've actually fucking seen the lightbulb one at the end all the way.

          • kamm xd
            kamm xd  3 weeks back

            Soy el comentario en español que buscabas xd

            • Arayah Lindsey
              Arayah Lindsey  3 weeks back

              Can anyone tell me what the song is in the first one?

            • Tight rope.
              Tight rope.  3 weeks back

              -¿Deberíamos decirle que el 79% de personas argentinas son de raza aria?

              • Random Human
                Random Human  3 weeks back

                So beautiful😍😍😍😍

                • Laura Kramer
                  Laura Kramer  3 weeks back

                  Damn a mother mother song

                  • Equestrian Sport
                    Equestrian Sport  3 weeks back

                    1:50 что за песня?

                    • What?
                      What?  3 weeks back

                      Hippie sabotage - devil eyes

                  • Ashley Is not avalible
                    Ashley Is not avalible  3 weeks back

                    Song for 1:54?

                    • What?
                      What?  3 weeks back

                      Hippie sabotage - devil eyes

                  • Zuha zulfiqar
                    Zuha zulfiqar  4 weeks back

                    i love gacha life tho but!art is better and relaxing

                    • トロイの木馬error

                      2:15 just wow……love it

                      • -Cherry Sweat
                        -Cherry Sweat  4 weeks back

                        2:15 song??

                        • stqrryshi •
                          stqrryshi •  4 weeks back

                          Fly me to the moon frank sinatra
                          Or another version of it is
                          Fly me to the moon micheal

                      • Molly Siddoway
                        Molly Siddoway  4 weeks back

                        Does anyone know the song at 2:01

                        • Noel Sipe
                          Noel Sipe  2 weeks back

                          Molly Siddoway Dang, your right the cover is like non existent lol sorry I couldn't help but I hope you can find it :3 ❤️

                        • Molly Siddoway
                          Molly Siddoway  2 weeks back

                          I’ve looked all though YouTube and this cover is non existent so if anyone knows it would help :)

                        • Noel Sipe
                          Noel Sipe  4 weeks back

                          Molly Siddoway radio by Lana rel dey, but that one was a cover, radio is the original, sorry I don't know who did the cover.

                      • BorkMyLife ;3;
                        BorkMyLife ;3;  4 weeks back

                        Omfg wait using the spray bottle for water seems like an amazing idea *why didnt I think of that-*

                        • птички барыги

                          Что за песня, во втором тик токе, скажите пожалуйста

                        • Marceline. سأحقق حلمي بأذن الله

                          ممكن تكلولي شو اسم الاغنية بالدقيقة 1:37

                          • Ashi 2o6
                            Ashi 2o6  4 weeks back

                            They're all drawing masterpieces and here i am can't even draw a proper stickman..

                            • Vkookie
                              Vkookie  3 weeks back

                              don't worry, many artists who are amazing at drawing can't even draw a stickman too

                          • Kpop_Trashpanda 2013
                            Kpop_Trashpanda 2013  4 weeks back

                            Sorry, I have to ask... what's the song at 1:19?

                          • Richealv Gamings
                            Richealv Gamings  4 weeks back

                            80%what song?
                            1%me: making this chart
                            2%gacha life gets billions of views...meanwhile real artist gets 10 views

                            Edit:Thanks for the 37 likes!

                            Edit2: Thanks FOR THE 60 likes!

                          • Wolfie chan
                            Wolfie chan  4 weeks back

                            Does the person at 1:20 know about the existence of hetalia?

                            • хоромия скарлет

                              1:17 song?

                            • soullesxx
                              soullesxx  4 weeks back

                              I swear to god if those cringy sans artists don't stop being bitchy I'm gonna lose my fucking brain cells

                              • Jordan Branscomb
                                Jordan Branscomb  4 weeks back

                                It takes so much work just for a skit in gacha life which is like 5 drawing u could do in that time

                                • Noelle's Nerlies
                                  Noelle's Nerlies  3 weeks back

                                  Art is becoming Under-appreciated. I have been drawing consistently for about 3 years now. I have learned Art is not easy or fast. So how long would it to take you to make a skit I would guess 3 hours-1 day. (Not trying to be mean just speaking from personal experience.) I could pump out like 1 full drawing. I’m sorry but art takes just as much time and effort as Gacha

                                • ピンクAlexTV
                                  ピンクAlexTV  4 weeks back

                                  Depends on the skit
                                  And art isn't that fast/easy 24/7
                                  And art can be fast(ish) depending on the art piece it can be seen in animation some people sit there and work for years😌

                              • Nora Duubas
                                Nora Duubas  4 weeks back

                                3:46 song?

                              • Mirlla Victoria army
                                Mirlla Victoria army  4 weeks back

                                0:25 What music ?

                                • Mirlla Victoria army
                                  Mirlla Victoria army  4 weeks back

                                  @Louise Liu thank you

                                • Louise Liu
                                  Louise Liu  4 weeks back

                                  Mirlla Victoria army Coldplay - something just like this ft.Chainsmokers (not sure on who sings the version but the original is here)

                              • •Soft Hound•
                                •Soft Hound•  4 weeks back

                                Вижу Дарью Каплан, сразу ставлю лайк. :)

                              • Moonlight sun
                                Moonlight sun  4 weeks back

                                2:27 Дарья Каплан?

                                • pan cito
                                  pan cito  4 weeks back

                                  4:16 song namu plsssss

                                • Fraime
                                  Fraime  4 weeks back

                                  What's the music at 2:29?

                                  • Leo Leo
                                    Leo Leo  4 weeks back

                                    @Fraime no problem! :3

                                  • Fraime
                                    Fraime  4 weeks back

                                    @Leo Leo thank you so much!!!!

                                  • Leo Leo
                                    Leo Leo  4 weeks back

                                    The song is ‘90’s flav - Call me’ !It might be slowed down but I believe that’s the original audio! I hope you see this so you can find it hahahaha it’s a truly wonderful song! Have a nice day! 💛

                                • kritthanaphon Sooksan
                                  kritthanaphon Sooksan  4 weeks back

                                  1:45 What music

                                  • eoq Arthur
                                    eoq Arthur  4 weeks back

                                    Hippie Sabotage - Devil Eyes Extended version

                                • Eleven
                                  Eleven  1 months back

                                  That lion tho

                                  • Nina FuchsKlick
                                    Nina FuchsKlick  1 months back

                                    Ich schaue mir diese Videos an und merke dann erst das ich nicht Zeichnen kann

                                    • LeeKnowking 28
                                      LeeKnowking 28  1 months back

                                      3:50 what song is that

                                    • Isabel Cristina Tadielo Oliveira

                                      1:44 what music?

                                    • Fallew
                                      Fallew  1 months back

                                      Omg was the first one Amsterdam? :D

                                      • Jeenroxey Jayaseelan
                                        Jeenroxey Jayaseelan  1 months back


                                        • Raya Nikolova
                                          Raya Nikolova  1 months back

                                          One thing I didnt like was that the Gacha Life people gets more likes than artists
                                          Some artists use Gacha life too so..
                                          And yeah..😅😅😅

                                          • Jameless Army
                                            Jameless Army  3 weeks back

                                            Vkookie army

                                          • Jameless Army
                                            Jameless Army  3 weeks back

                                            _ Nati _ that’s how most of them are but you can make ones with a good story and mostly those are the ones who get views especially in *editing* yes it’s drawing too

                                          • Vkookie
                                            Vkookie  3 weeks back

                                            @_ Nati _ what are you, 10?

                                          • Vkookie
                                            Vkookie  3 weeks back

                                            @_ Nati _ You are absolutely disgusting. There are actually people who are braindead and to label someone as braindead makes me want to puke. As well as that, you mocking the fact that {moon_child} isn't fluent is just plain ignorance. Then, you proceed to tell them to commit suicide. You're a very ill-mannered, obnoxious, ignorant person, you know that?

                                          • jojo baldwa
                                            jojo baldwa  3 weeks back

                                            @_ Nati _ My god, you're so immature. "Go dieee" telling someone to go die because they disagree isn't the shit. Either you're an absolute idiot or you're somewhere between 8-12.

                                        • Evelin ADAM
                                          Evelin ADAM  1 months back

                                          What name this song 1:30

                                        • Sen Da Kat
                                          Sen Da Kat  1 months back

                                          First of All I would like to talk about the 1st one like that's pretty cool

                                          • _ Nati _
                                            _ Nati _  4 weeks back

                                            @Yuri Onna true

                                          • Yuri Onna
                                            Yuri Onna  4 weeks back

                                            _ Nati _ I think she just wanted to protect her identity

                                          • _ Nati _
                                            _ Nati _  4 weeks back

                                            yeah but her mask was kinda cringe..

                                          • •Drea Myy•
                                            •Drea Myy•  4 weeks back

                                            @CARMEN CRUZ ♾️%

                                          • CARMEN CRUZ
                                            CARMEN CRUZ  4 weeks back

                                            Sen Da Kat yas I agree with you 200%

                                        • Marisol Flores
                                          Marisol Flores  1 months back

                                          The acting at 3:30 was amazing

                                          • Dmya Ortega
                                            Dmya Ortega  1 months back


                                            • Galaxy Wolf
                                              Galaxy Wolf  3 weeks back

                                              First to reply to the first comment :>