Creative Talented People 😍 Most Amazing Art Drawing Video #89 👍 Satisfying Lettering Calligraphy

  • Published: 14 August 2019
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    Creative Talented People 😍 Most Amazing Art Drawing Video #88! Satisfying Lettering Calligraphy
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  • Алена Великолуг

    самые класные ролики

  • Roza Emin
    Roza Emin  7 hours back

    الي بعرف يرسم و بحب الرسم يحط لايك ✏😊

    • dmitrij oshkin
      dmitrij oshkin  8 hours back

      Likee there is

      • ᎯዙΔዙΔςนҝ
        ᎯዙΔዙΔςนҝ  11 hours back


        • Benita Vlogs
          Benita Vlogs  11 hours back

          10:22 wht I had is tht I wanna buy it to draw

          • Abbie Nokes
            Abbie Nokes  19 hours back


            • Abbie Nokes
              Abbie Nokes  19 hours back

              Am I the only one who is jealous of thies people and the only one you reads th e commends while Waching the video.
              Love Abbie.unicornQueen77

              • Dance Girl
                Dance Girl  21 hours back

                Some people are gifted that they know how to draw...
                Some learned it and usually prefer having a idea online or somewhere...
                Some are trying, but the result is still bad...
                If your drawing is bad no matter how hard you try, take your time creating it, artwork takes time. And what my teacher said “give love to your work”
                Start with something easy to copy and then front time to time try something challenging, that’s how I learn.
                I’m just bad at drawing a person face or a person’s body, that’s what I need to work on.

                Tip: I started drawing food first, then keep practicing.

                This is just I improve, but not sure if will work with everyone...

                • Mickey Romeo
                  Mickey Romeo  23 hours back

                  absolutely incredible! it never ceases to amaze me at how talented virgins are.

                  • Nurxxshah 47
                    Nurxxshah 47  1 days back

                    THE HART SHAPE IS VERY VERY COOL I LIKE IT VERY [email protected]#love u

                    • Kinia Malczyk
                      Kinia Malczyk  1 days back

                      6.12 to trzeba wykorzystać do jakiejś książki dla dzieci

                      • Swati Tyagi
                        Swati Tyagi  1 days back


                        • Божена Крыженюк

                          Жалко, что прикольные видео на английском 👅

                          • Nayomy :v y ya :v
                            Nayomy :v y ya :v  2 days back

                            Chinos tenian que ser XD

                            • Angelica Gutierrez
                              Angelica Gutierrez  2 days back

                              I like coloring it. Is nice

                              • little cherry
                                little cherry  3 days back

                                Черт почему так красиво?

                                • •MILENE 0708
                                  •MILENE 0708  3 days back

                                  Hi alguém português??

                                  • _Zefirka_ _
                                    _Zefirka_ _  3 days back

                                    Мне безумно понравилось 3 я хочу спросить какие это краски?

                                    • Forlyn Anne Bulaoy
                                      Forlyn Anne Bulaoy  4 days back

                                      Ohhhhhhh my god
                                      I love the one who
                                      Paint the black and
                                      Pink it was sooooo
                                      COOL AT ALL I REALY
                                      LIKE THAT!!!!!!!

                                      • Juliya Vetruk
                                        Juliya Vetruk  4 days back

                                        Я умею валять из шерсти кто тоже лайк

                                        • A A
                                          A A  4 days back

                                          الفن والإبداع بلا حدود

                                          • Asumi Maylle Lucas
                                            Asumi Maylle Lucas  4 days back

                                            12:53 significado la felicidad está dentro no afuera

                                            • Vitória Meinerz Forigo


                                              • 지우
                                                지우  4 days back

                                                I can't drow....

                                                • Scarleth Perez calabacero

                                                  Lo hacen para presumir 😏😑

                                                  • East Ender
                                                    East Ender  4 days back

                                                    5k thumbs down talentless people.😳

                                                    • Grettel Granados Gómez

                                                      No es perfecto para aser

                                                      • PersiK Gacha
                                                        PersiK Gacha  5 days back

                                                        Меня не много это расслабляет))

                                                        • aminath reesha
                                                          aminath reesha  5 days back

                                                          Good one

                                                          • YUSHI
                                                            YUSHI  5 days back

                                                            Wow I feel like SHIT...

                                                            • Samixa Baxtiyorova
                                                              Samixa Baxtiyorova  5 days back

                                                              Гениально спасибо за видео

                                                              • TraditionalAviator
                                                                TraditionalAviator  5 days back

                                                                You're the only youtube channel that I have noticed that credits the artists in the video. You're the only YouTube channel that makes these videos that I subscribe too

                                                                • MARCELA MELO
                                                                  MARCELA MELO  5 days back

                                                                  Wow very beautiful (sarcasm)

                                                                  • I want some TAE with extra SUGAr in it

                                                                    That time u thought the words are printed but realizes....

                                                                    It is handwriting...........

                                                                    An army i the only one...??

                                                                  •   5 days back

                                                                    It's crazy how teletend people are

                                                                    • Michelle Leveque
                                                                      Michelle Leveque  5 days back

                                                                      I will be honest when I say the lemons looked a little to cramed

                                                                      • 주령
                                                                        주령  6 days back

                                                                        진심 한국인 없다고?

                                                                      • Виктория Ситникова

                                                                        5:17 и 5:21
                                                                        Господи я бы с ума сошла...

                                                                        • Patrícia Mohácsi
                                                                          Patrícia Mohácsi  6 days back

                                                                          2:12 wow beautiful! 🤩

                                                                          • Lorshini rungasamy
                                                                            Lorshini rungasamy  6 days back

                                                                            Wow it is very beautiful 🤗🤗🤗😃😃😃😀

                                                                            • Ќ๏ώąρą
                                                                              Ќ๏ώąρą  6 days back

                                                                              Русский человек

                                                                              • Александра Мещеркина


                                                                                • هدوء الطبيعة

                                                                                  ما هذا الابداع😱

                                                                                  • Lisa Godin
                                                                                    Lisa Godin  7 days back

                                                                                    Drawing on a big tablet is not what I call talent. They can change things with a lazy push of a button, shade with a lazy push of another button. Draw the same thing on solid paper I'll be impressed. C'mon people! I'm a hobby artist! But I'm also 20th century. I cut my paper using a real scissors! I use real paper and paints and a brush. I use cans and boxes and glues and a lot of scrap. Even tried my hand teaching myself to sculpt in clay. What I I resent are what I call fake artists. Here let me show you my mechanical device that can enlarge or shrink a drawing, touch a color bam it's colored, touch another button and details that would take you hours to do it's in seconds. Oh look! I can bring up a screen touch it bam! It's got drawing texture in a half second flat and voilà I call myself an artist! At least if you draw a cat using numbers as a basis you're doing it free hand. No buttons to push, no programs to open. If you're painting at least you're using real paints not some push button color scheme. If you're a sketcher or doing calligraphy there are some who use real pens, pencils, inks, paints, markers whatever you use not some stupid mechanical pad that a chimpanzee could figure out.

                                                                                    Yes, you guessed it! I'm no millennial. Art to me is not turning on some mechanical device and in 10 seconds you have a drawing. Do it on real paper! Draw the individual parts instead of on some stupid pad that makes duplicates instantly because you're too lazy to draw each part.

                                                                                    • Lisa Godin
                                                                                      Lisa Godin  7 days back

                                                                                      Painting on resin was impressive the first time I saw it. Not anymore.

                                                                                      • Lisa Godin
                                                                                        Lisa Godin  7 days back

                                                                                        Liked the heart one. Nice scenes.

                                                                                        • Lisa Godin
                                                                                          Lisa Godin  7 days back

                                                                                          Crappy music! Muted!