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  • Robin Bleu
    Robin Bleu  3 months back

    On lambo truck I kinda agree on some parts with him, even though I disagree with the overall evaluation of the song. I still had a good time listening to it, it's production didn't throw me off one bit.
    I can appreciate this guys brutal honesty.

    • Robin Bleu
      Robin Bleu  3 months back

      Respectfully disagree. Down bad immiedieatly hit trending and stayed on trending for a whole week and your saying the early singles had no good songs? Gotta disagree

      • H Bizzle
        H Bizzle  4 months back

        Dang i agree SMH

        • Addison Davis
          Addison Davis  4 months back

          Ski was the only good thing about this

        • Ngozi Comedy
          Ngozi Comedy  4 months back

          I completely agree man