LIFE (2017) Ending Explained


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  • Anonymous
    Anonymous  23 hours back

    Imagine having to leave a planet because of a single celled organism

    • Jennifer St Pierre
      Jennifer St Pierre  1 days back

      Calvin WAS connected to Jordan when they landed though? It was incredibly obvious that they were attached

      • bunjit65
        bunjit65  2 days back

        10 minutes after landing Calvin is dead. Allergic to Chinese.

        • Teeve 900
          Teeve 900  2 days back

          The ending was awesome. I rly rly want a sequel.

          • Greg Dundee
            Greg Dundee  3 days back

            Relax, the fisherman were Vietnamese they'll have Calvin dead and in a Wok in no time

            • william miller
              william miller  4 days back

              Yeah threwout the whole movie I just thought of how stupid their mistakes were. Like legit everything they did helped Kelvin out.

              • Arch Angel Hans
                Arch Angel Hans  5 days back

                This movie has a very posible story

                • The KASN
                  The KASN  5 days back

                  "perfect organism"

                  • necromancer
                    necromancer  7 days back

                    Still it's 6 billion humans vs A plant Alien.

                    • The black Templar order

                      *Destroy the xeno scum*

                      • san san
                        san san  1 weeks back

                        I may be an idiot, but, wouldn't the capsule be hot as shit? how would the fisherman not have been burned in anyway.

                        • Arch Angel Hans
                          Arch Angel Hans  5 days back

                          I'd like to introduce you to our brand new coolant
                          PLOTCOOLENT COOL IT IN SEKONDS

                      • Technogist
                        Technogist  1 weeks back

                        What if its connected to UNDERWATER?

                        • Flobby Fish
                          Flobby Fish  1 weeks back

                          Calvin is a savage

                        • SI TR
                          SI TR  1 weeks back

                          Movie was alright, but they should really have done a little better on the details. I mean it really was buffoonery that lead to every issue. 1. using rubber hand things instead of the much more precise and safe robotic arms inside calvins cage? 2. having your supposedly secure lab space be connected to the rest of the station with tubes that open automatically? 3. having the booster rocket that had been sent up to push the ISS into deep space being able to be opened from the outside? literally a piece of twine could have fixed this issue. 4. What happened to all the coolant? Calvin drank it? My ass, why isn't he the size of a rhino at this point? where did it go? 5. what the hell does coolant have to do with your communications? coms require no cooling, besides, its cold as fuck up there. everything else was running fine. that would be like taking the coolant out of your car and everything still works fine except the radio. it makes zero sense. your engine could be a smoldering wreck on the side of the road, your radio would be the last thing to stop working due to coolant. 6. You have ONE way to communicate with earth? ONE? bullshit. I guarantee even right now they got probably at least three different forms of coms up on the ISS that are all independent of eachother. and they probably all have backups. 7. Earth sent up ONE intervention? If we had any idea what was going on up there, which in the movie we don't, but in reality we would, im sure we would have been sending up all sorts of shit up there, up to and including nukes. I could go on and on. it was a good movie but god damn.

                          • Arch Angel Hans
                            Arch Angel Hans  5 days back

                            Yeah these are supposed to be humanity's greatest minds but non of them seems to be competent engineers

                        • Pedro Carvalho da Rocha

                          But it’s true, if we’re not careful what we search for, what will we force the FBI agent to see?

                          • Yunior Gamboa
                            Yunior Gamboa  1 weeks back

                            These YouTube comments are priceless

                            • ThisIsLifespan
                              ThisIsLifespan  2 weeks back

                              i think Calvin can predict the future, cuz Calvin leave Sho alone to make the shuttle not going to deep space... uh i guess

                              • JManPlays
                                JManPlays  2 weeks back

                                Is this the backstory to Staro?

                              • Pernell Roberts
                                Pernell Roberts  2 weeks back

                                Why the black guy always gotta die first in this movie

                              • Michael Parylak
                                Michael Parylak  2 weeks back

                                My initial reaction of the end of this movie was something in regards to human mathematical error but then I thought it could have been sabotage on the part of the creature but the gentleman in this video made some points to contradict that. All the while watching this film I kept suspecting that some Earthbound evil was going to be involved in the surprise ending. Perhaps I personally am just surrounded by too much EarthBound evil. lol

                                • Peanut_Butter_Wizard
                                  Peanut_Butter_Wizard  2 weeks back

                                  Just cut the astronaut out, load Calvin into an unmanned shuttle, and send him on a one-way trip to deep space

                                • Nathan Coleman
                                  Nathan Coleman  2 weeks back

                                  Jordan was killed by Calvin at the end I thought.

                                  • jay men
                                    jay men  2 weeks back

                                    Calvin landed on the wrong side of earth. He’ll end up either as food or a porn actor for live action hentai

                                  • TheworstBrainstorm
                                    TheworstBrainstorm  3 weeks back

                                    It’s like a leach

                                    • Compton Alleyne
                                      Compton Alleyne  3 weeks back

                                      Check out High Life

                                      • Scotty Zepplin
                                        Scotty Zepplin  3 weeks back

                                        I would like a prequel to this movie. See what happened tha led to Calvin arriving at the space station.

                                        • Frozen Turtlefarts
                                          Frozen Turtlefarts  3 weeks back

                                          How is there no way to hurt calvin?

                                          • Arch Angel Hans
                                            Arch Angel Hans  5 days back

                                            The only thing that can kill Calvin is Arnold Schwarzenegger

                                          • spino zilla
                                            spino zilla  3 weeks back

                                            Frozen Turtlefarts cause he able to adapt to what is harming him
                                            He has adaption ability just like characters like doomdays, Godzilla and 682 they adapt to whatever tries to kill them and counter the threat or adapt to a obstacle or environment they are in

                                        • KLJUHx
                                          KLJUHx  3 weeks back

                                          I thought deadpool is immortal?

                                          • Calvin W.
                                            Calvin W.  3 weeks back

                                            Yo my names Calvin!

                                          • captinkrunk101
                                            captinkrunk101  3 weeks back

                                            Calvin's gonna get a job at Wac-Arnolds

                                            • Matt A
                                              Matt A  3 weeks back

                                              The most terrifying part is that he landed in the ocean. He'll kill all of the first responders, feast undetected in the ocean for as long as he pleases and when he decides to come to land he will be unstoppable. I mean when he was tiny he could handle the radiation of space and the heat of an incinerator, so when he's as big as gravity will let him get, i don't think conventional weapons or nukes would do shit to him.

                                              • spino zilla
                                                spino zilla  3 weeks back

                                                Well they can, just that it require a lot of power and basically overkill him, but due to circumstances it literally to late for that and if power wasn’t enough and he barely survive it we in turn just him more durable and powerful

                                            • Aarif Khan
                                              Aarif Khan  3 weeks back

                                              as how this movie end, it's directed by Calvin.

                                              • cr4yv3n
                                                cr4yv3n  3 weeks back

                                                This movie was so dumb...

                                                • Ahmet Akif DURMUŞ
                                                  Ahmet Akif DURMUŞ  4 weeks back

                                                  explaining ending by telling yhe whole movie. clickbait.

                                                  • Sewer Man
                                                    Sewer Man  4 weeks back

                                                    The fact that you needed to explain this ending🤦‍♂️dumbass people lol.

                                                    • spino zilla
                                                      spino zilla  3 weeks back

                                                      Not really people really just come here to get brief summary of the movie so they don’t have to watch the whole film

                                                    • Winter Melon
                                                      Winter Melon  4 weeks back

                                                      So explain it?

                                                  • Necessary Evil
                                                    Necessary Evil  4 weeks back

                                                    You explained nothing in your shit vid

                                                    • Colin Considine
                                                      Colin Considine  4 weeks back

                                                      Calvin is a silly name for a Killer Alien. I love how Ryan points that out immediately then gets killed and they still call it that the rest of the movie. I enjoyed it for the Alien clone that it was anyway. I also love Event Horizon. Any other space horror gems out there anyone would recommend? I also laughed to myself guessing the ending right before it happened being like what if it's Jake? Then it was lol. Not the best movie but still enjoyable to see these guys get murdered by a squid haha

                                                      • No Expert
                                                        No Expert  1 months back

                                                        Nothing to explain the movie was shit

                                                        • Jude Hide
                                                          Jude Hide  1 months back

                                                          Yeah, life was pretty fucken’ weird in 2017

                                                          • Souradeep Sen Gupta
                                                            Souradeep Sen Gupta  1 months back

                                                            I fucking loved this movie.

                                                            • A.Gorilla
                                                              A.Gorilla  1 months back

                                                              200 billion* CMDR. Kat decalres.

                                                              • Layla Dai
                                                                Layla Dai  1 months back

                                                                Calvin sounds like a dick

                                                                • Rwaggy Rwuper Rwinstincts

                                                                  I guess Calvin has 7 Billion bugs to kill plus 4 Billion considering animals on land and 10 Billion in water.

                                                                  • Jason Vi
                                                                    Jason Vi  2 months back

                                                                    it just didn't make sense when the capsules change trajectories

                                                                    • Cheese Smoke
                                                                      Cheese Smoke  2 months back

                                                                      Americans, the only people to call every space craft a SHUTTLE... Just odd as a Shuttle is a veryyyyyy distinct design.

                                                                      • GaBoiGregG
                                                                        GaBoiGregG  2 months back

                                                                        Global warming killed Calvin

                                                                        • How to toast a toaster
                                                                          How to toast a toaster  2 months back

                                                                          Why didn’t they just change the atmosphere like they did at the start so it died?

                                                                          • disa2312
                                                                            disa2312  2 months back

                                                                            I don't understand why Calvin had to go into hibernation to survive one moment but the next moment he's out in space just prancing around because he can survive anywhere?????

                                                                            • spino zilla
                                                                              spino zilla  3 weeks back

                                                                              disa2312 cause he was much larger then and also has already fed with more potential food very near he didn’t need to store his energy yet
                                                                              Also adaption cause why not characters with that ability literally enter the realm bullshit op