Ayla International Art Symposium 2017 AylaOasis
2 years back
We, at Ayla Oasis Development, are honored to host the 2nd Ayla International Art Symposium, as we consistently seek out opportunities to create new platforms ...
Wednesday, October 16th: Art that Celebrates Fall Foliage WMUR-TV
11 hours back
Bringing the outdoors in through glass, wax, and paint. Subscribe to WMUR on YouTube now for more: Get more Manchester news: ...
Arts Alive SDSU Arts Alive SDSU
2 years back
Arts Alive SDSU provides opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to engage in transformational arts interactions as part of an arts-rich, robust educational ...
Temporary Museum of Art The Trinity Session
4 years back
Performance intervention / single channel HD video projection 2012 The Temporary Museum of Art was a documented performance process that built on the ...
oaPIX Online Photo & Art App oaPIX
2 years back
oaPIX homepage: oaPIX editor: Hall of the Mountain King" Kevin MacLeod ( ...
Middlebury College's Public Art Collection - Dan Graham Middlebury College Museum of Art
9 years back
The Committee on Art in Public Places (CAPP) at Middlebury College oversees a campus-wide collection of 19 works of public art. John Hunisak, professor of ...
Aerosol Spiritual Art Mohammed Alì at TEDxViadellaConciliazione Mohammed Ali Aerosol
6 years back
Mohammed Ali has been melding together street-art and islamic script and patterns for the past 10 years, combining meaningful messages that connect people ...
Sakura by Sarah Morris for INTERMISSION by L'Officiel ART L'Officiel Paris
13 hours back
Subscribe to L'OFFICIEL' s YouTube Channel ▻▻ Tune into L'OFFICIEL ▻▻ CONNECT WITH L'OFFICIEL Web: ...
Chameleon - Speed Art Animalogic by Design
7 months back
Illustrated by Danielle Dufault ----------- SOCIAL MEDIA ...
Opening of the exhibition: "Women in Art Brut?", 04.10.2018, Art et marges musée Österreichisches Kulturforum Brüssel
12 months back
Women in Art Brut?” is an exhibition presenting 105 works by Austrian and international artists from the Hannah Rieger Collection in Vienna. It explores artworks ...
Polar Bear- Speed Art Animalogic by Design
4 months back
Illustrated by Danielle Dufault ----------- SOCIAL MEDIA ...
Art Seeking Understanding Templeton Religion Trust
3 months back
In 2015, the painting Interchange, by Dutch-American abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning sold for an incredible $300 million. While we can ask ourselves ...
3 years back
Our vision is getting reality: The Construction of a world's unique MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART starts now! We are working on our vision to ...
Eyes-Free Art: Exploring Proxemic Audio Interfaces for Blind and Low Vision Art Engagement Meredith Morris
2 years back
Video figure accompanying Microsoft Research's IMWUT 2017 publication about the design of proxemic audio interfaces to make accessible museum exhibits ...
L'art porté de Jennifer Schyle Nouvelle-Calédonie la 1ère
20 hours back
Jennifer Schyle a étudié en Nouvelle-Zélande l'infographie et le stylisme, elle en est revenue avec un savoir-faire qu'elle a mis aussi au service de son travail ...
ALTAMIRA: THE DAWN OF ART - Trailer Latido Films
6 months back
International Sales: LATIDO FILMS.
Art Sparks Confidence. Creativity. Community CHAW Creativity
4 years back
CHAW is a supportive community-based arts space offering youth and adult classes in painting, ceramics, dance, music, photography, and more. At CHAW, your ...
Belfast International Arts Festival 2019 trailer Belfast International Arts Festival
2 months back
Belfast International Arts Festival 15 October – 3 November 2019 Bringing an eclectic fusion of cutting edge performances to Belfast with world class theatre, ...
Teaser Festival Par Has'ART ! 2019 CA Paris - Vallée de la Marne
5 months back
Par Has'ART ! Le festival des arts de la rue de Paris - Vallée de la Marne Du 2 au 11 juillet 2019 dans les 12 villes de l'Agglo Danse • Musique • Théâtre ...
Art Cultura, cu Mihai Mincan RFI România
3 days back
Filmul „Emigrant Blues” propune o interpretare neconvențională a unuia dintre cele mai mari fenomene de migrație din Europa secolului XXI. Cu imaginea ...
Alex Gabbay | Art, Science and Consciousness CriticalThoughtTV
8 years back
Alex Gabbay, Filmmaker and Director, discusses Just Trial and Error - his award-winning film that asks, What do Art and Science have to say about ...
The Art Garden at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem museumisrael
11 years back
Designed by the Japanese-American sculptor Isamu Noguchi, the Art Garden lies on the western slope of the Museums campus. It is divided into wide, ...
An Art That Nature Makes (Official Trailer) BOND360 FILMS
3 years back
Finding unexpected beauty in the discarded and decayed, photographer Rosamond Purcell has developed an oeuvre of work that has garnered international ...
Visual Arts & Technology at Stevens Institute of Technology CAL Stevens
5 years back
Learn more about our undergraduate degree program in Visual Arts & Technology at Stevens Institute of Technology:
Art Stories WONDERS app Art Stories
1 years back
Pronto per visitare 13 spettacolari luoghi del mondo? Scarica la app su iOS o Google Play e potrai volare sopra gli enormi Moai dell'isola di Pasqua, ...
INSIGHT: National Museum of Women in the Arts - Susan Fisher Sterling m/Oppenheim Associates
3 years back
Susan Fisher Sterling, Director of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, discusses the unique mission of the world's only major art museum dedicated to ...
Welcome to HA1508 Modern Art History of Art @ University of Aberdeen
3 years back
Beginning with the Romantic period, and the art and architecture of mid-Victorian Britain, this course will trace major developments in Western art through to the ...
The art of listening iCRA - Building trust in value chains
2 years back
In business relationships, like any other relationships, people like to be heard. How do you make your business partners feel heard? Watch this video.
The Art of Presence Health Equity Institute
6 years back
THE ART OF PRESENCE delves into how mindfulness practice has been incorporated into the lives of elders through meditation and mindfulness-based elder ...
The Lost Art of Paste-Up London Review of Books (LRB)
4 days back
Arranging and rearranging a magazine's layout before it goes to press is all done on computers now. But in the years before desktop publishing software, the ...
State of the Art Sensors Using Graphene and Silly Putty AMBER Centre
3 years back
Scientists at AMBER have used graphene to make silly putty® (polysilicone) conduct electricity, creating extremely sensitive sensors. This world first research, ...
Art Lending Scheme for Schools - Belfast Model School for Girls Arts Council of Northern Ireland
6 months back
World-renowned sculptor, Brendan Jamison, has officially launched the Art Lending Scheme for Schools, a new visual arts initiative from the Arts Council of ...
Mini Art Fest 7 Geo Kalev
2 years back
Contemporary Circus Festival * Sofia 16/26 June 2017
Yehudit Shendar: "The Insatiable Pursuit of Art" CHGSumn
4 years back
Yehudit Shendar Retired Deputy Director and Senior Art Curator, Yad Vashem "The Insatiable Pursuit of Art: Nazi Art Looting -- Perpetrators, Victims, ...
Neighbor Up's Make Art, Talk Race Practice Neighborhood Connections
5 years back
Neighbor Up is tackling racism and helping others see how to cross lines of difference and build connections.
EWWR Sustainable Art Alphabet Fina Vendrell Vila
10 months back
Aquest vídeo és sobre: EWWR Sustainable Art Alphabet.
Migrating Art Historians, project trailer Center for Early Medieval Studies
3 years back
Official trailer of the Indiegogo fundraising campaign for the experimental educational/scientific project Migrating Art Historians administered by the Center for ...
INSIGHTS DESIGN LECTURE SERIES: CHIP KIDD Walker Art Center 3/28/2006 Tommy Brookshire
2 years back Here is a VIDEO of the lecture given by Designer CHIP KIDD at the INSIGHTS DESIGN LECTURE SERIES. This was filmed at The ...
How Great Thou Art Truth Seeker
4 years back
Psalm 104:1 Bless the LORD, O my soul. O LORD my God, thou art very great; thou art clothed with honour and majesty. Psalm 145:3 Great is the LORD, and ...
Spray Paint Art - Space Cities By Dimkad Art Dimkad Art
9 months back
Hello guys! Here is a Spray Paint Art Video "Space Cities" on a glossy paper 35x50 cm. Watch, enjoy and i hope you like it! Follow the steps and make your cities ...
Civic Art: Four Stories from South Los Angeles - Full Length Los Angeles County Arts Commission
1 years back
Civic Art: Four Stories from South Los Angeles follows the rarely witnessed, intricate process of one of the most mysterious and controversial art forms affecting ...
Luminous Finland 100 – Light Art Ensemble Kari Kola
2 years back
Luminous Finland 100 light art ensemble comprised six massive pieces of light art that exhibited all around Finland during jubilee year of Finnish independence.
California Arts Council: Feature on Malashock Dance "Math in Motion" California Arts Council
4 years back
MyCreativeCA #CAarts40 STEM + ART = STEAM. In this week's #MyCreativeCA video, see how San Diego's Malashock Dance Company is ...
Aula 16 - Novo Decreto Pregão Eletrônico - Responsabilidades (Arts. 17, 18 e 19) Enap
8 hours back
Do pregoeiro Art. 17. Caberá ao pregoeiro, em especial: I - conduzir a sessão pública; II - receber, examinar e decidir as impugnações e os pedidos de ...
SOTS ART ja MOOD / SOTS ART and FASHION SA Eesti Kunstimuuseum
7 months back
Näitusel „Sots art ja mood“(vt tuuakse kokku kaks siinsest regioonist ...
Documental “Tàndem, art a l’escola” (subtitulado en castellano) Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya Barcelona
3 years back
Dirigido por el director Daniel Lacasa, este documental nos muestra la experiencia educativa del proyecto Tàndem entre la Escola Miquel Bleach y el Museu ...